Desk (re)fresh in one evening! Sometimes you don’t have to move mountains

Desk (re)fresh in one evening! Sometimes you don’t have to move mountains

Those who professionally refinish furniture believe strongly in two things  1) Never paint real wood 2) Never skimp on the finish.  My brain interprets it as :  never take short cuts and keep the standard until the end.  Good advice for sure… until you need something quickly.

Since my adult children have moved out of the house, and I now have a spare room to claim as my own… I am in need of some work space.  Not the kitchen table – though it has served me well for years. But a true-to-form space to work on my projects, and a desk for my computer.  All. For. My. Self !

Enter: the great game of Musical Furniture.  If this table can go there, then this desk can move there. Then hubby will need a desk, and I will need a shelf…and so forth and so on.  A quick trip to the thrift store in a nearby town produced not one but two solid wood desks.  Sadly, both looked rather tired and beaten down. These babies needed a little TLC.DSC_0351

Since hubby is currently in the mood for this game of Musical Furniture – I really must have this done pronto!  Not this weekend, not next week – but like TOMORROW.

So, despite the voices of all elderly wood working mentors ringing in my head, I blitzed over to my local home store and grabbed a container of Restor-A-Finish and a bag of #0000 steel wool.


This stuff is magic. One step restoration of color to faded wood, blending of scratches and blemishes and even removal of those beautiful white heat rings we all love.  Simply choose the color that matches your project and using a soft rag, or the #0000 steel wool for deeper scratches, rub it over the surface. The finish softens, the color blends and when you wipe it dry, a beautiful stained surface remains.

Literally 2 hours after I brought the big desk into the garage, the hardware was off, and the magic bottle of Restor had done its duty! Drawer fronts, top trim and desk facing had been refreshed!  Even the worst of the chipped off areas blended into the stain. There was some elbow grease needed when it came time to finish the piece. A coat or two of furniture paste wax was needed to provide an even sheen and projection.  (Important to note that polyurethane cannot be used over this product). I guess you just can’t have things tooo easy!

DSC_0361 This lovely desk went from shab to fab with literally 3 hours of work – and tomorrow it will be all settled in hubby’s office ready to store all those hundreds and thousands of things that are currently scattered across his table. And his current table will be nestled under the window up in my new studio- just waiting for the next project.


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