The Chippy No More- a Bistro Style Patio Set with a Fresh Look


I think that there is a place for the ever-so-popular chippy paint shabby chic look. It can make something that is possibly pretencious look useable- and friendly.  Perhaps I relate because I often feel a little chipped and scratched up myself.

But there are times when chippy and scratched looks forgotten and neglected.  This was the case of this little patio set I picked up at a garage sale last year.  The chairs had nice lines and a unique base- and despite the boat seat style cushions, I really wanted it for my front porch.

After a year of waiting patiently for me, It finally got pulled into the grave for the refresh it needed.

Somehow I thought it would be as simple as brushing of a few rusty areas and painting a fresh coat of paint, but as I started brushing, I realized it needed a steel brush..and a paint scraper…and some sand properly remove all the rust that had built up underneath the previous two coats of paint.

It’s a good reminder to take good care of any metal items that are outside- especially if the climate tends to be a bit on the wet side. Metal and water just aren’t the best of friends.

After much scraping and sanding, a couple coats of Rustoleum paint and a new cover for the seats, this sweet little bistro set will be privy to many more confidential conversations and moments of musing as I enjoy the view from my front porch.


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