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Hand painted Ornaments for Sale! – Show Your Christmas Tree a Little Country Love

Hand painted Ornaments for Sale! – Show Your Christmas Tree a Little Country Love

It doesn’t matter where I travel and what I see, there is nothing that makes my heart warm like country side pastures, humble farm houses and dusty barns.  For me, it symbolizes peace and tranquility. (I do, however, have a few memories of not so tranquil moments in my childhood chasing a pig down the road or running for my life from an angry rooster – but those are stories for another day!)

Not too long ago, I decided to venture into painting some of the scenes that make me so happy – and put them onto some great blown glass ornaments to hang on the tree. A few of these, a few burlap accents, red berries and some sparkly white lights, and it is country love at first sight.

I am offering these barn scenes for sale this year on a custom order basis.  Each is hand painted onto a 4″ glass ornament

$12.00/each plus shipping

barn off white outbuilding and silo tired roof barn, outbuilding and dual silo house and barn IMG_20141019_221355barn outbuilding and silo b

Orders are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  I am starting early this year – and hope to be able to fill all orders before November 25.  Please allow 7-10 days until shipping.


Tongue Depressors turned Garden Markers – Just say Awwww


garden markers

I am sure I am not the only person on the planet who has a stash of things that, upon collecting them, where JUST what was needed for that ONE idea. Seems that I am quite good at collecting, but not always so good at completing.

I’ve moved over the ocean twice in the last 10 years – and I can honestly say that it did help me to clear out a LOT of those things… but there were a few that just had too many things that they could become and I hung onto them… and packed them over the Atlantic TWICE. Why? You’ll have to ask my therapist.

One of these things is a small box of wooden gizmos- stars, hearts, wooden spools, wooden pegs and a rather strange collection of Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors. Bits and pieces that I’ve gathered from other projects, garage sales, and even an occasional Popsicle.

In search of a much needed gift for some gardening friends, I dug into my stash recently and painted up a few garden markers. I’m no artist, but I love to paint.  And these guys were crying to be put to good use.

It’s a simple project that can be completed in an evening. So simple in fact that there are really no instructions, just a few tips to make it go smoothly and to insure that they will last at least one season.

  • When base coating your sticks – it helps to either hold them with a spring loaded clothes pin. This way you can paint both sides (and not too much of your fingers). If you have a brick of styrofoam or florists foam around, you can poke the end of the clothes pin into the foam while the stick dries.
  • When painting your letters, it helps to print the words out in the font of your choice. If you don’t have any carbon paper, simply color the back of the paper with a pencil. You can then outline the letters and the pencil will transfer onto your base coated stick.
  • Finally, make sure that you seal your finished product with at least 2-3 coats of poly-urethane type clear coat. You can use clear spray-on top coat or the brush on style. Just make sure you get all sides well covered and allow them to dry completely.

Flower Adornment – Make mine a brooch!


My great-grandmother used to wear the most beautiful brooches. I remember as a little girl wondering over how pretty they were as I sat on her lap and smelled her perfume.

Thanks to my dear mom, who always fires my creative flame – I know how to make the sweetest flower brooch – from old paper back pages, tulle and feathers.  What joy!

flower-button-pin b

This flower could be used as an adornment on just about anything. I made one for my eldest’s birthday with pages of an old book – she’s a fantastic writer and is just about to finish her degree in English literature, so it seemed fitting – but any unique paper would look great. Imagine a d0zen of these made from music sheets decorating a Christmas tree!

Tools and Materials Needed:

For the pedals:

  •  Tim Holtz Alterations BigZ Die


– Alternatively, hand cutting a similar shape would work great!

  • Die cutting machine
  • Craft Glue
  • Coloured Tulle (fine netting as used on wedding veils)
  • Small coloured feathers
  • standard sized brad
  • old-fashioned button





Step One: Cut from your favorite paper 5 large flowers, plus one extra

Step Two: Cut from the coloured tulle netting –  4 large flowers

Step Three: Paint the front and back of the paper flowers with craft glue. This will stiffen the pedals and allow shaping and curling later

Step Four: When the glue coated flowers are dry, trim the flowers as follows:

Flower #1, #2 and #3 – Leave as is

Flower #4 – Trim away one pedal

Flower #5 – Trim away two pedals

Step Five: On Flower #4 and #5, with a touch of glue (hot glue or craft glue), fold over the trimmed side to form a slightly curled 4 and 3 pedaled flower

Step Six: With the tulle netting, trim only one flower of one pedal, and glue as in step five.

Step Seven: Layer the larger paper petals with the tulle petals and adding the progressively smaller petals and tulle  (Flower #1 at bottom; Tulle net flower; Flower#2, Tulle net flower; Flower #3; Tulle net flower; Flower #4 (trimmed to 4 pedals); Tulle net flower (trimmed and glued to 4 pedals); Flower #5 (trimmed and glued to 3 pedals). Rotate each layer slightly to offset the pedals

Step Eight: Insert metal brad through the center of each  layer and flatten at the back. Trim brad ends if necessary

Step Nine: Glue feathers around the back of the bottom flower, bending where necessary (hot glue works well)

Step Ten: Glue extra flower over the back to cover the brad back and the feather stems and glue the button on top of the brad head.

Finishing: With the end of a pencil or paintbrush, curl the pedals slighty as desired to give a dimensional feel to your new creation

Add your favorite choice of clips (safety pin, brooch pin, bobby pin, croc clip – use your imagination!) and adorn away