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special order and one of a kind items available for purchase

Hand painted Ornaments for Sale! – Show Your Christmas Tree a Little Country Love

Hand painted Ornaments for Sale! – Show Your Christmas Tree a Little Country Love

It doesn’t matter where I travel and what I see, there is nothing that makes my heart warm like country side pastures, humble farm houses and dusty barns.  For me, it symbolizes peace and tranquility. (I do, however, have a few memories of not so tranquil moments in my childhood chasing a pig down the road or running for my life from an angry rooster – but those are stories for another day!)

Not too long ago, I decided to venture into painting some of the scenes that make me so happy – and put them onto some great blown glass ornaments to hang on the tree. A few of these, a few burlap accents, red berries and some sparkly white lights, and it is country love at first sight.

I am offering these barn scenes for sale this year on a custom order basis.  Each is hand painted onto a 4″ glass ornament

$12.00/each plus shipping

barn off white outbuilding and silo tired roof barn, outbuilding and dual silo house and barn IMG_20141019_221355barn outbuilding and silo b

Orders are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  I am starting early this year – and hope to be able to fill all orders before November 25.  Please allow 7-10 days until shipping.


A Sweet Bunny Who Totally Rocks! – a doll cradle (re)Done!

A Sweet Bunny Who Totally Rocks! – a doll cradle (re)Done!

My grandson’s favorite book is Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney.  I think it is the illustrations that has captured his imagination, as well as the squeezes I give him as we read it. Capturing imagination is what it is all about!


When I found a very tired, old cradle at a local thrift store, I couldn’t pass it up.  It brought back memories of me lovingly rocking my favorite doll and doing all the things loving mommies do.


It wasn’t hard to decide what to do with this poor scratched doll cradle.



Can’t you just imagine some sweet child leaning over this cradle, rocking the object of their adoration?

This item is currently available for sale! One of a kind and hand painted! $40.00 without mattress and pillow

Bed measures 23″ long and 13″ wide with cradle feet measuring 17″.

This would also make a great photo prop for newborn photos!

The Art of (re)Creation


I have often been told I am a creative person.  Creative?  Hmmm… I am afraid I don’t agree.  I side with King Solomon who said “there is nothing new under the sun”.  Is there really anything truly original anymore? Isn’t most everything a spin off of something else?

So I embrace what I am – I am great at recreation!  Not the “leisure and recreation” type of recreation (although laying in a hammock on a sunny day does sound enticing!) – more the making something new out of something old.  Taking something tattered, rejected and out of date – and making it purposeful, beautiful and worthwhile.

In light of this, I welcome you to my blog – and to my projects. I plan to share techniques, step by step instruction and finished projects – some of which will be available for sale. Use them, copy them, re-create them!   Be inspired, be encouraged and be adventurous!

recreation (n.) late 14c., noun of action from past participle stem of recreare “to refresh, restore, make anew, revive, invigorate,” from re- “again” + creare meaning “refresh oneself by some amusement” is first recorded c.1400.